Frequently Asked Questions:


Q- How many promo codes we add per-day?

A- We add around 20 to 30 products every single day


Q- How much can the discount percentage reach?

A- The discount percentage starts from 10% to 80%


Q- Are the promo codes for single or multiple use?

A- The promo codes are for multiple use, each buyer has the right to use the code only one time, and the code still valid to be used by other buyers.


Q- The discover button sometimes redirects us to a page that contains many products, how we know which one isĀ eligible for the discount?

A- If you are redirected through the discover button to an Amazon page that contains more than one product, this means that all that group of products are eligible for the same discount promo code, so the same code can be applied on them.


Q- For how long the One-day-offer promo codes remain active?

A- All the promo codes remain active until the last day and expires at 11:59 PM PDT


Q- Why we find expired promo codes while browsing through the app?

A- It varies from a promo code to another, the difference between the expiry dates makes it difficult to delete the expired one, so that’s why we set the date when the code is posted and a date when it will expire.


Q- Why when I used a code it says it’s not valid or already been used, although the date says it still valid?

A- In some rare cases, you may use a promo code and get that message, and in general it’s because the seller stopped the promotion before the specified date, or because the seller runs out of supplies.


Q- Do the codes remain in the app even after being expired?

A- Yes, you may find many expired codes, due to the short period of validity. Our system deletes every day and automatically the promo codes which they passed 15days on the app, this helps to reduce the chance of finding expired codes.


Q- Can I copy the code and apply it later directly on Amazon?

A- No, the code can be applied only to the specific product which you can reach by clicking on the image, or the discover button



Q- Can I sign-up for all Amazon Free trials at once?

A- Anyone can sign-up for Amazon Free trials and get the advantage of its benefits.


Q- Can I request products or ask for specific ones?

A- Every user can freely post in the FORUM and ask or request promo codes or products.


If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach us at ” couponsinventori@gmail.com “